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Tips for This Year’s Pool Party

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With all this cold, wet weather it can be refreshing to start thinking about summer plans. Our pool builders here at Mellco know how much work it takes to keep up a good yard. However, we also know how important it is to step back and enjoy it. Here are some fun tips for you to make a huge splash at this summer’s pool party.

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Invites and Decorations

Start off on the right flipflop with some festive invitations. Our pool builders know that even an amazing pool can benefit from a few fun, summer decorations. Find some that match the theme of your invitations. They don’t have to be complicated. Just anything to brighten up your pool area. Also be sure to include items guests might need like goggles, towels or waterproof phone cases.

Drinks and Snacks

Make sure to keep your guests hydrated with fun drinks. You might even consider a floating bar, which guests will love. Also make sure to have a wide variety of snacks. Fruit, pretzels, chips and dips are easy to have around a pool and can keep your party rolling.

Pool Toys and Games

What’s a pool party without a few fun floats and pool games? You guests will enjoy relaxing on flamingo floats or playing with noodles. Also look for arm floats if you expect little ones to be at your party. You can also plan games like chicken or a water balloon fight. This can give your party a nice change of pace. As pool builders, we would just add the extra reminder to stay safe as the poolside area can be slick.


Nothing sets the mood like a good playlist. Use your choice of streaming services to provide your guests with summer hits. This can add an extra layer of fun and help your visitors to take a load off from their busy week. 

Sunscreen and Pest Control

Even fun decorations and great snacks can be ruined by a bad sunburn or a sudden swarm of mosquitos. Consider setting up a station for your guests to lather up every few hours. Also set up tiki torches or citrus candles to keep pests at bay.

Our team of pool builders at Mellco Landscaping wish you the best with your summer plans. If all this talk of pool parties has you considering getting your own pool, we are here to help! Visit our website to learn how you can get started on your own personal paradise.

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More Pool Features or Less?

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Extra features can mean extra cost when hiring pool builders. However, they can also mean extra artistic touch to your landscaping. Here are a few things to consider when deciding on extra pool features.

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Purpose for Your Pool

What are you wanting to get out of having a pool? Certain features are great for getting a winning tan, others are for entertaining. Slides and basketball nets are fun for the kids and still other features can add that spa-like oasis feel. If you’re going to invest in hiring pool builders, the extra features can make sure you get what you envisioned.

Advice of your Contractor

The pool builders that you hire are experts at their trade. They can help you know what features will work best with the layout and size of your yard. If you decide to add features, they can also help you know which ones will be the best quality.


Of course, the most important part of deciding on pool features is how much money you have to spend on them. As fun or convenient as they can be, it will be harder to enjoy them if you go too far over your budget. Look for features that will be cost-effective or be sure to do some research before starting the building process so that you can save up your budget.

Our team of landscapers and pool builders at Odyssey Pools can help you create the paradise that you are looking for, even if you feel like your resources are limited. Visit our website or contact us today to get started.

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Choosing the Right Tiles for Your Pool

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With the variety of styles and shapes that our team of pool builders have built, we know that there’s a lot of decision making that goes into creating the perfect backyard paradise. After all, a swimming pool is more than entertainment, it’s a landscaping feature. So how do you know what tiles to choose?

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Remember Your Budget

Before you start looking at different types of tiles, it’s important to go in with a budget. It can easy to get distracted with different styles and colors so if you establish how much you’re willing to spend beforehand then you’ll be more satisfied with your choice.


For the tiles outside the pool, it’s important to choose something that will keep you, your family, and your guests safe. Remember that the poolside will almost constantly be wet so choose tiles that are slip resistant before you start looking at colors and designs.


Pool builders know more than anyone how expensive pool tiles can be, especially if you have to keep making repairs. Look for tiles that have a lifetime guarantee against damage and even against the color fading out. This is especially true for tiles inside the pool.


There are a wide variety of different styles. Some are decorative, some ore more simple. This one depends on your personal taste and your current landscaping. Remember that you don’t alway sneed decorative for your pool to look decorative. You can also mix a variety of different colors of plain tiles.


Blue and white are popular colors for pools and spas. That’s because they reflect the light and make the pool look more inviting. Their also good colors for deeper pools since water can distort the color anyways. If your undecided, our pool builders and landscapers can give you some pointers.

At Mellco Landscaping, our goal is to help you create a yard that you can be proud of. With warmer seasons on the way, a refreshing pool may be just what you need. Our pool builders can help you create the perfect pool and spa to wow your guests and give your family a place to take it easy. Visit our website or contact us today to get started!


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How Installing a Drainage System Prevents You From Draining Your Wallet

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When it comes to landscaping, we tend to think of what’s going on the outside. We’re inspired by flowerbeds, gazebos, and pretty patio work. However, some of the true beauty of good landscaping lies in what we’d rather cover up. One prime example of this is drainage systems. Pool builders will also agree when it comes to pools.

Saves On Repairs

Believe it or not, drainage systems are one of the most important aspects of a good landscape design, especially if your yard includes water features. This is because they can uncontrolled water can cause a myriad of damages like floods and soil erosion which can cause structural damage to your home and landscape. By investing in a drainage system, you won’t have to put money into making repairs. This can save you a lot, since its possible these damages will involve a variety of services or insurances.

Saves On Water Bills

When installing a drainage system, it’s important to hire a company that you trust. This is because a poorly designed or installed irrigation system can cause over-watering, which can wrack up the water bill. It can also kill all those plants you put so much time and effort into nurturing. That’s why at Odyssey Pools, our designers and pool builders carefully assess the needs of your outdoor living space. They can then design and build something tailor-fit, making it low-maintenance and cost-effective.

Saves On Pest Control

A quality drainage system plays an important role in the health of your yard. When water builds up, it can cause tree disease and can make your yard prime real estate to pests like mosquitos. Our pool builders and designers are careful in their planning and installation to ensure that you won’t have to fight back against these types of infestations.

At Odyssey Pools we know how to both build and maintain the artistic vision you have for your yard. Trust your water features and drainage systems to our expert designers and pool builders. We can make your dream a reality that will last. View our gallery today to and let the creativity begin.

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Winter Pool and Spa Maintenance Tips

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During the winter months, the cold weather and busy holiday plans can be easy to forget about the backyard spa and pool. Unfortunately, cold weather is hard on these fun summer toys and any pool builders can attest that a little maintenance is required to keep them both in good shape for next summer. That might sound tedious, but a little time invested now can save a lot of money later. Here are some basic pool and spa maintenance tips:

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It’s beneficial to add chlorine to the water before you close the pool for the winter. It prevents bacteria from growing. However, pool builders will tell you that too much of it will bleach the liner of your pool. Once you open the pool again, add chlorine again and wait a few hours to a couple of days for it to clear up the water.

Winterizing chemicals

The colder weather does a good job at keeping most microorganisms out of your pool or hot tub. However, they don’t disappear entirely. Before closing or covering your pool, be sure to use winterizing chemicals with biocidal properties like algaecides. This helps to maintain pH levels. These chemicals will need to be added somewhere from 24 to 48 hours before the pool is closed. That way the pump has time to circulate them.


For spas and hot tubs, it’s important to have a quality cover. Not only does this help keep it clean, but it also helps to maintain water temperatures. Also be sure to keep snow at bay. If around six inches of snow piles onto your spa cover, use a broom to to clear it. Avoid shovels as they tend to clear your spa, cover and all.

Open Early

We naturally tend to wait for warmer weather before we open up the pool again, especially here in Utah. However, as expert pool builders we know that it is actually more healthy for the pool, and yourself, top open it earlier.  This means that bacteria and algae will have less time to grow.

Taking these simple steps now can make your summer more carefree. You won’t have to be calling pool builders for repairs or replacements and you can get on with enjoying the sunshine. If you are looking for more landscaping tips to prepare for winter, or even the coming spring, contact us at Odyssey Pools today. Until then, we wish you a cozy winter season.

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How to Winterize Your Pool

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Sadly, swim season is coming to an end for the year. That means its time to winterize your pool. As expert pool builders, we know that the process is less intimidating than the word makes it sound and taking these extra steps can help to prevent the cold weather from damaging all of that expensive pool equipment. Here’s how:


This is the perfect time to check, clean, or replace the cartridge filters. For diatomaceous earth filters (DE filters), its important to keep up the regular monthly maintenance of backwashing and reloading diatomaceous earth. You’ll also want to give your filter a good clean at least once during the winter seasons, especially if you are not draining your pool. This will ensure the water stays clean during the next few months.


Even if you’re not using your pool during winter, make sure you continue to clear the water of any leaves and dirt. This will prevent algae growth and will keep your filter working well. If you have a pool cover, you won’t have to worry about this. But be sure your pool is already clear before covering it up.


Pool builders will tell you that it’s important to know how to check the chemistry of your pool, whether or not you hire a pool maintenance service. Simply dip a testing stip into the water and compare the color of the wet strips to the chart provided on the container. You’ll want to pay most of your attention to the chlorine, PH, and alkalinity levels. If you find that one of these is off, contact your pool service or take steps to regulate it.

Water Level

If you are not planning on using your pool at all during the winter, it is important to lower your water level in order to prevent possible freezes and cracks in the tile. You can use a water pump to do this. Lower the level to about a foot below the skimmer. It will then be easier to clear your pool’s plumbing system from any remaining water to prevent more possible freezes and cracks.

These steps may vary depending on where you live. For example, if you live in the southern states or in the Sunbelt, you can leave your pool uncovered if you like. But in colder areas, it’s important to shut everything down and to drain all pool filters and pumps. You can contact local pool builders for additional tips. Otherwise, your pool is now winterized!

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Lighting Tips for Your Pool

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Pool parties shouldn’t have to stop when night comes, and you also shouldn’t have to depend on your porch lighting to light up your entire pool area. You can impress your guests and make pool parties memorable by adding lighting elements to your pool area, which is why you should hire professional pool builders to help you improve lighting in the pool area.

Here are some tips for lighting your pool:

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Lighting the Pool Deck

The pool deck is one of the busiest places when a swimming pool is being used. Lighting the pool deck improves the safety of the swimmers as well as onlookers. Consider installing lights on walkways leading to your pool deck because they can get challenging to traverse at night.

Light Up Surrounding Landscapes

Illuminating the landscape adjacent to your pool will create a beautiful environment to relax in. Lighting up the surrounding areas also plays a crucial role in enhancing safety around your pool. This makes you and your guests feel safe because they can quickly identify any hazard from afar. A lighting designer aims at bringing warm lighting to your outdoor living space for enhanced visual control of your landscape during the night.

High-Quality Tiki Torches

If you are a fan of Tiki torches, make sure that you aren’t using low-quality ones. High-quality tiki torches will last longer and keep your pool illuminated.

High-quality Tiki torches are brass and copper-made and are connected to the rest of your lighting system. The torches have a wick that burns oil at the top and a light at the bottom to illuminate the pool deck.


Imagine the feeling of drying off by a nice fire after a refreshing pool session. Firepits also provide lighting to the pool area making the scene amazing. Contact professional pool builders to help you construct quality fire-pits next to your beautiful pool.

Adding an Outdoor Kitchen

Have you considered adding an outdoor kitchen to your pool area? If you have enough space, then this is an excellent idea that is worth trying. If you already have one, then installing lights can be a great way to improve lighting in the pool area

Lighting the pool area makes nighttime outdoor living more enjoyable. Here at Odyssey Pools, our professional pool builders are highly experienced and will help you transform your pool area into a great outdoor space for relaxing at night. Contact us today to spruce up your pool with high-quality lighting.

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Start Planning Your 2020 Pool Now

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Building a swimming pool is no simple task. Not only does it take the work of professional pool builders, but it takes a lot of planning. If you haven’t gotten started on planning your pool for next summer, you’re going to want to get on it as soon as possible. Obviously, you don’t want to start construction right now, since you probably won’t be using your pool until next summer, however, you should begin planning what you’re going to want your pool to look like and what you’ll want to add to it.

In this blog, we’re going to cover how you can start planning your pool for 2020 and what you need to do to ensure that you cover everything in your plans. Here are some tips from the professional pool builders at Odyssey Pools.

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Pin Down Your Budget

Having a good idea of how much money you can spend is going to be top priority when it comes to your pool. Your budget is going to allow you to gauge what you can include in your plans and what is going to have to be left out. The pool builders here at Odyssey Pools can help you gauge how much your pool will cost you when you present them with your plans.

Make a List of Features

 Once you know how much you’re going to be spending, you can start to make a list of pool features that you’ll want to build come next year. These features range from pool size, shape and material to additions such as slides.

Draw Out Your Pool

Once you’ve got the budget and list of features down, it’s a good idea to sketch out some plans that you can present to the pool builders who will be in charge of building your pool. It’s also good to have an idea of how everything is going to fit in your backyard so that you can revise any features that might not work with your outdoor living space.

It’s imperative that you start planning your 2020 pool now so that when next summer rolls around, you’re ready to contact your local pool builders to get construction underway.

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Heated or Non-Heated Pool?

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When you think of a swimming pool, you think of something which helps you cool off during those hot summer months, yet not cold enough to make you feel uncomfortable. Pools should be the perfect temperature between cold and warm according to most people, but are there benefits to pools that embrace the exclusivity of either side? Are heated pools better than cold pools and vice versa? Pool builders are available to help you build your pool, but when it comes to temperature, you’re going to have to make the decision. After all, you’re the one that’s going to be swimming in it, not your local pool builders.

So, which pool is better? A heated pool or a non-heated pool? In this blog, we’re not going to decide that for you, rather show you the benefits of both options, ultimately helping you make the decision of which pool would be best for you. Here are some perks to each option.

pool buildersBenefits of a Heated Pool

Heated swimming pools are the safest option for those who are looking to avoid catching a cold, especially if children will be swimming in the pool. This is more of a threat if you’re looking to use a non-heated pool after the summer months, making a heated pool a great year-round option. Heated pools also tend to increase properly value more than a standard pool. It is said that a heated pool can increase your home’s property value by eight to 15 percent.

By investing in a heated pool, you’ll also help prevent damage to your pool. Unheated pools are prone to damages caused by freezing water during the wintertime, while the constant water flow in a heated pool prevents freezing of the pipes. Heated pools are also less prone to structural damage.

Benefits of a Non-Heated Pool

Non-heated pools come with more health benefits than anything else, but one major reason to consider a non-heated pool is pricing. Heated pools tend to cost more since you have to pay to heat them. If you’re looking to save some money, a non-heated pool is going to be the best option. Traditional, non-heated pools are also the best way to go if you’re looking to use is seasonally, meaning you’ll drain it and cover it during the winter months.

Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference and what you’ll be comfortable swimming in. Hopefully this blog post has given you plenty of pros to each pool option, preparing you for that long-awaited consultation with your local pool builders. If you have any questions about the pool building process or you’re looking to consult with professional pool builders about starting the construction of your pool, contact Odyssey Pools today.


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How Frequently Should Your Pool be Cleaned?

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Cleaning a swimming pool is an essential aspect of owning a pool, and while it may be a time-consuming task, it is a necessary one. Keeping your pool clean is the best way to avoid future damages and repairs, and pool builders recommend you do this often, but how frequently should you be cleaning your swimming pool? Well, it depends on your commitment to keeping your pool clear of any leaves, debris and how thorough you are when you do decide to clean it. Generally, it is recommended that you clean your pool weekly. Here is a breakdown of what your weekly pool maintenance might look like according to local pool builders.

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Brushing Your Pool

It’s vital that you brush the walls, ladders and corners of your pool at least twice a week. The reason behind this is that algae will begin to grow in these places if you don’t maintain your pool. If algae do happen to accumulate in these areas, brushing it will push it into the water, which makes it easier for chlorine and other types of sanitizer to kill it. Of course, you’ll have to then get the debris out of the pool.

Brushing your pool also helps get rid of any dirt that may have begun to accumulate on the walls and bottom of the pool.

Fish Out Any Leaves and Debris

You should also make sure that you’re fishing out any leaves and other debris that might make its way into your pool using a leaf net. Doing this anytime you see things in your pool is the best way to make sure that there isn’t an excessive amount of debris floating around in your pool. This makes it easier to clean.

Check Your Filters

Your filters are what keep your water clean and ready for you to dive into, so cleaning your filters weekly is essential. Filters screen out debris and particles from your pool water, and this could lead to the gathering of waste within these filters.

Vacuuming Your Pool

You might not be aware of this step, but vacuuming your pool is another crucial maintenance routine. After you’ve brushed of algae from your walls, you can use an automatic pool vacuum to clean up any debris which has made its way onto the floor and walls of your pool. There are three different types of vacuums that you can use:

·     Robotic vacuums: these energy-efficient machines work separately from your pool’s existing filtration system.

·     Pressure vacuums: these machines utilize a pressure line from the filtration system to move around your pool. Pressure vacuums require a pool pump and usually an extra booster pump to run.

·     Suction vacuums: these vacuums use water flow from your existing filtration system and attach to either a dedicated suction port or a skimmer. These vacuums are also the most affordable option.

Pool builders recommend that you follow these tips to maintain the integrity of your pool and avoid any unnecessary repairs. If you want to learn more about pool maintenance, check out some of the other pieces we’ve written on our blog.