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Choosing the Right Pool Builder

When you are planning to build a pool, you have got to do it right! Until you or someone close to you has owned a pool, you wouldn’t understand the problems, the work or stress that comes from a pool being built poorly. Having a reliable pool builder is crucial in your overall satisfaction and happiness in regards to your pool. There are three things we suggest you pay attention to when you start looking for the right pool builder.


Building a pool takes A LOT of work, and if there are miscommunications with any specific step along the way, you can expect headaches and potential problems. While you will hire a pool company to help you install your pool, pool building companies then hire a variety of private contractors that focus on individual portions of the pool building process. There are a lot of detail and dates that are explained back and forth, and you need a company that is competent in their communication. If they struggle to discuss the plans, dates and expectations clearly, then you could expect the same thing to happen on the other end. In addition, you want to be sure that things are going to turn out the way you intend them to.


After a pool is initially built they all usually look amazing, but that doesn’t reflect the overall quality of the build. If you see some sample work of a company, be careful not to fall only for what the eye can see. Even when a pool looks nice, there might be a lot of problems with the pumps, vinyl, chemicals or anything else. You want to make sure that the pool builders you decide to trust are going to use reliable materials, strong chemicals and overall proven machinery that you know will work without problems. A couple years down the road, you do not want to go back and continuously make repairs to any pool-related instruments or physical constructs.


The last factor to consider when you start planning to build your pool is your budget. A pool is a huge investment and it needs to be done properly. This isn’t something that you want to find the best bargain or else you will likely end up with cut corners. At the same time, you don’t want to be overcharged. You simply want to be sure that you have enough to get the pool built in the way you want it to be built. If you have the option of going with a cheaper pool company or one that you need a little more money for, it’s probably better to take the less risky route and save up for another year or two.

Building a pool is no simple matter and you need to be sure you make the right decision. To make sure you hire the right pool builders, you need to know that they are easy to communicate with, they will deliver on quality, and they will fall within your budget. For the best pool builders along the Wasatch Front, contact us at Odyssey Pools!

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