Designing a Pool for Exercise

When people think of a backyard pool, the initial image is a luxurious getaway where homeowners can escape for a few hours, however, there are other uses. While pools are commonly used by individuals looking for a rejuvenating spell under the sun, a lot of others may want to use it as a form of exercise! This may not be the first thought, but any pool builder around the nation would agree that is equally common. Now, what differs from person to person is how they want their pool to be designed. Depending on the situation, homeowners looking to build a pool will want to consider their options.


The first and most obvious option is a lap pool. For those individuals that are solely looking to exercise in their pool and nothing else, they will look to build a narrow and somewhat shallow pool in which they can simply do laps. These days, wealthier individuals can opt for a less lengthy pool and build a smaller lap pool with a current. In other words, a pool where they essentially swim in one spot as the current pushes against them. These pools are so small that a lot of the individuals that can afford it are putting them inside their houses (they do require more advanced pool builders)! Nonetheless, whether they have the money for something like that or not, a simple lap pool is a great option for those who just want to swim laps.


The basic rectangular pool is another option swimmers will often consider. If the homeowners knows they want to swim laps but also have a family they want to entertain, they can go with the can’t-go-wrong rectangular pool. Even though the design may not be all that complicated, swimmers, pool bathers and divers of all ages can enjoy this kind of pool.


Another option to consider is the L-shaped pool. The unique shape gives individuals the ability to do laps on one side and kids or other pool enthusiasts the opportunity to play on the other. Consulting with a pool builder for this kind of pool would be wise, as they will be able to tell you what kind of length and width is realistic.


There are some designs that might not be the best for homeowners. In theory, however, if there is enough space, people could technically get the exercise they desire even if the shape isn’t conventional. Still, build a circular pool, kidney pool or some other rounded pool may not be ideal. IF the homeowner is determined to have a custom-made pool with an aesthetically pleasing design, there are pool builders out there that would still be happy to work with you.

People build pools for all kinds of reasons. If you are looking to build a pool yourself, whether for the purpose of working out or entertaining family and friends, contact the pool builders at Odyssey Pools today!

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