Different Types of Slides For Your Pool

A slide is an excellent addition to pools that are used by kids of all ages. Whether the kids are 2, 12 or 22, just about everyone finds joy in riding down a poolside slide. If you are looking to install a slide but are unsure what kind of slide might be best, pool builders can help you make your decision! For more basic information on slides, here is a simple overview.

Most Popular Pool Slides

There are three different types of slides you can usually choose: basic, vortex or grotto/rock slides. To this day, pool builders are still installing basic slides that simply elevate about 7-8 feet and curve down to the edge of a pool. However, over the last couple of decades, a lot of pool owners have started to request vortex slides — slides that turn 360° before opening up to the pool. The last popular type is a slide that weaves and winds down through any grotto construction next to the pool. If you have or want that extra dimension of a grotto build, you should consider what a built-in slide would look like.

Slide Quality and Build

For the most part, no matter what type of slide you choose to go with, you have different options when it comes to the build and quality. For example, most slides are made with plastics, but the quality of plastic can differ significantly. Some are low-quality and bend easily while others are high-quality and extremely durable. Which one you decide to go with will ultimately come down to your budget and the weather patterns of where you live. In addition, you can choose if you want your slide to be built as a full-circle, a half-circle, or simply with edges that extend several inches up. The last option that you will need to decide before your pool builders start their installation process is how the steps/stairs are built. Will they be enclosed? Will they be more like steps rather than a ladder? Or do you have something else in mind entirely?

Depending on what your pool situation is and how good your pool builders are, you can customize your slide the way you want it. For example, if your pool is close to a deck that is attached to your home, you could consider building one that leads from your deck to your pool. As fun as that sounds, you will have to discuss the possibilities with your pool builders if you are wanting to get fancy.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are building a pool for your family and friends (or if you already have a pool that is used by a lot of children but it does not have a slide), you really should talk to your pool builders and start considering what kind of slide you can install. Your pool builders will make sure everything works properly and the way you want them to. For any specific questions and inquiries, call us today!


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