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How Frequently Should Your Pool be Cleaned?

Cleaning a swimming pool is an essential aspect of owning a pool, and while it may be a time-consuming task, it is a necessary one. Keeping your pool clean is the best way to avoid future damages and repairs, and pool builders recommend you do this often, but how frequently should you be cleaning your swimming pool? Well, it depends on your commitment to keeping your pool clear of any leaves, debris and how thorough you are when you do decide to clean it. Generally, it is recommended that you clean your pool weekly. Here is a breakdown of what your weekly pool maintenance might look like according to local pool builders.

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Brushing Your Pool

It’s vital that you brush the walls, ladders and corners of your pool at least twice a week. The reason behind this is that algae will begin to grow in these places if you don’t maintain your pool. If algae do happen to accumulate in these areas, brushing it will push it into the water, which makes it easier for chlorine and other types of sanitizer to kill it. Of course, you’ll have to then get the debris out of the pool.

Brushing your pool also helps get rid of any dirt that may have begun to accumulate on the walls and bottom of the pool.

Fish Out Any Leaves and Debris

You should also make sure that you’re fishing out any leaves and other debris that might make its way into your pool using a leaf net. Doing this anytime you see things in your pool is the best way to make sure that there isn’t an excessive amount of debris floating around in your pool. This makes it easier to clean.

Check Your Filters

Your filters are what keep your water clean and ready for you to dive into, so cleaning your filters weekly is essential. Filters screen out debris and particles from your pool water, and this could lead to the gathering of waste within these filters.

Vacuuming Your Pool

You might not be aware of this step, but vacuuming your pool is another crucial maintenance routine. After you’ve brushed of algae from your walls, you can use an automatic pool vacuum to clean up any debris which has made its way onto the floor and walls of your pool. There are three different types of vacuums that you can use:

·     Robotic vacuums: these energy-efficient machines work separately from your pool’s existing filtration system.

·     Pressure vacuums: these machines utilize a pressure line from the filtration system to move around your pool. Pressure vacuums require a pool pump and usually an extra booster pump to run.

·     Suction vacuums: these vacuums use water flow from your existing filtration system and attach to either a dedicated suction port or a skimmer. These vacuums are also the most affordable option.

Pool builders recommend that you follow these tips to maintain the integrity of your pool and avoid any unnecessary repairs. If you want to learn more about pool maintenance, check out some of the other pieces we’ve written on our blog.

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