What Maintenance and Cleaning Costs to Expect with a Pool

By June 14, 2019pool builders, Utah

Pool maintenance takes a lot of work, but the cost really comes down to your specific needs and wants. In Utah, pool builders will see the cost of maintenance vary anywhere from less than $100 to over $500 for certain services. However, the average cost for basic pools and typical maintenance might be around $150-$200. Again, it all depends on the needs and wants of the homeowner.

Common Services

When we say it comes down to the needs and wants of a homeowner, we mean that the pool either needs specific maintenance or they want a certain type of monthly cleaning. With pool services, pool builders will come out and go through a number of checks, but the more work that is required of them, the more it will cost (obviously).

The most basic service pool builders perform is a simple checkup on the water and filter levels. This kind of checkup is consistently needed but is usually going to fall below $100.  For that same service plus robotic cleaner checks and emptying baskets/traps, you may expect a little more in costs. Now, even if you get the full works and have your pool builders come out and test the water, check the filters, empty baskets, check your cleaners, brush your walls, vacuum all areas and skim the entire pool, you still may not even have to pay over $150.

While the maintenance is needed every now and again, how frequent that maintenance is performed is technically up to the homeowner. However, in order for anyone to safely swim in the pool, they have to continually add chemicals to the pool. This might cost $20-$40 each month that the pool is in use.

Occasional and Optional Services

There are other instances in which cleaning and maintenance are needed for things that don’t fall under the consistent checkups. Depending on the quality of your pool builder, you might have additional repair and upgrades needed over the years. Even with the best pool builders, there is going to be some required repairs. In addition, you might opt to have your pool builders come out and open your pool for the summer season or close it down for the winter. Services for opening and closing your pool can vary, but the cost can be anywhere from $150-$300, or $300-$500.


Thus far, we have mentioned some services that everyday homeowners might be able to do themselves. Checking the filters, vacuuming the pool, or even opening and closing the pool for the next season are all things that you can do yourself. This is part of the reason why the total cost of yearly maintenance depends on the homeowner’s needs and wants.

Other Costs and Summary

Owning a pool takes a lot of work, and the entire cost of maintaining a pool is not always initially seen. You may not have thought about it much, but you can expect your electricity bill and water bill to go up during the months your pool is being operated. Overall, the yearly cost of a pool might be a couple thousand dollars or even up to $5,000, but it all depends.

We don’t want anyone to go into something without understanding just how much the labor and expenses are, but we also want people to have confidence that they can do it! If you know you are ready for a pool and are looking to hire pool builders, call us today!

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