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How to Winterize Your Pool

Sadly, swim season is coming to an end for the year. That means its time to winterize your pool. As expert pool builders, we know that the process is less intimidating than the word makes it sound and taking these extra steps can help to prevent the cold weather from damaging all of that expensive pool equipment. Here’s how:


This is the perfect time to check, clean, or replace the cartridge filters. For diatomaceous earth filters (DE filters), its important to keep up the regular monthly maintenance of backwashing and reloading diatomaceous earth. You’ll also want to give your filter a good clean at least once during the winter seasons, especially if you are not draining your pool. This will ensure the water stays clean during the next few months.


Even if you’re not using your pool during winter, make sure you continue to clear the water of any leaves and dirt. This will prevent algae growth and will keep your filter working well. If you have a pool cover, you won’t have to worry about this. But be sure your pool is already clear before covering it up.


Pool builders will tell you that it’s important to know how to check the chemistry of your pool, whether or not you hire a pool maintenance service. Simply dip a testing stip into the water and compare the color of the wet strips to the chart provided on the container. You’ll want to pay most of your attention to the chlorine, PH, and alkalinity levels. If you find that one of these is off, contact your pool service or take steps to regulate it.

Water Level

If you are not planning on using your pool at all during the winter, it is important to lower your water level in order to prevent possible freezes and cracks in the tile. You can use a water pump to do this. Lower the level to about a foot below the skimmer. It will then be easier to clear your pool’s plumbing system from any remaining water to prevent more possible freezes and cracks.

These steps may vary depending on where you live. For example, if you live in the southern states or in the Sunbelt, you can leave your pool uncovered if you like. But in colder areas, it’s important to shut everything down and to drain all pool filters and pumps. You can contact local pool builders for additional tips. Otherwise, your pool is now winterized!

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