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Lighting Tips for Your Pool

Pool parties shouldn’t have to stop when night comes, and you also shouldn’t have to depend on your porch lighting to light up your entire pool area. You can impress your guests and make pool parties memorable by adding lighting elements to your pool area, which is why you should hire professional pool builders to help you improve lighting in the pool area.

Here are some tips for lighting your pool:

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Lighting the Pool Deck

The pool deck is one of the busiest places when a swimming pool is being used. Lighting the pool deck improves the safety of the swimmers as well as onlookers. Consider installing lights on walkways leading to your pool deck because they can get challenging to traverse at night.

Light Up Surrounding Landscapes

Illuminating the landscape adjacent to your pool will create a beautiful environment to relax in. Lighting up the surrounding areas also plays a crucial role in enhancing safety around your pool. This makes you and your guests feel safe because they can quickly identify any hazard from afar. A lighting designer aims at bringing warm lighting to your outdoor living space for enhanced visual control of your landscape during the night.

High-Quality Tiki Torches

If you are a fan of Tiki torches, make sure that you aren’t using low-quality ones. High-quality tiki torches will last longer and keep your pool illuminated.

High-quality Tiki torches are brass and copper-made and are connected to the rest of your lighting system. The torches have a wick that burns oil at the top and a light at the bottom to illuminate the pool deck.


Imagine the feeling of drying off by a nice fire after a refreshing pool session. Firepits also provide lighting to the pool area making the scene amazing. Contact professional pool builders to help you construct quality fire-pits next to your beautiful pool.

Adding an Outdoor Kitchen

Have you considered adding an outdoor kitchen to your pool area? If you have enough space, then this is an excellent idea that is worth trying. If you already have one, then installing lights can be a great way to improve lighting in the pool area

Lighting the pool area makes nighttime outdoor living more enjoyable. Here at Odyssey Pools, our professional pool builders are highly experienced and will help you transform your pool area into a great outdoor space for relaxing at night. Contact us today to spruce up your pool with high-quality lighting.

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