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Tips for This Year’s Pool Party

With all this cold, wet weather it can be refreshing to start thinking about summer plans. Our pool builders here at Mellco know how much work it takes to keep up a good yard. However, we also know how important it is to step back and enjoy it. Here are some fun tips for you to make a huge splash at this summer’s pool party.

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Invites and Decorations

Start off on the right flipflop with some festive invitations. Our pool builders know that even an amazing pool can benefit from a few fun, summer decorations. Find some that match the theme of your invitations. They don’t have to be complicated. Just anything to brighten up your pool area. Also be sure to include items guests might need like goggles, towels or waterproof phone cases.

Drinks and Snacks

Make sure to keep your guests hydrated with fun drinks. You might even consider a floating bar, which guests will love. Also make sure to have a wide variety of snacks. Fruit, pretzels, chips and dips are easy to have around a pool and can keep your party rolling.

Pool Toys and Games

What’s a pool party without a few fun floats and pool games? You guests will enjoy relaxing on flamingo floats or playing with noodles. Also look for arm floats if you expect little ones to be at your party. You can also plan games like chicken or a water balloon fight. This can give your party a nice change of pace. As pool builders, we would just add the extra reminder to stay safe as the poolside area can be slick.


Nothing sets the mood like a good playlist. Use your choice of streaming services to provide your guests with summer hits. This can add an extra layer of fun and help your visitors to take a load off from their busy week. 

Sunscreen and Pest Control

Even fun decorations and great snacks can be ruined by a bad sunburn or a sudden swarm of mosquitos. Consider setting up a station for your guests to lather up every few hours. Also set up tiki torches or citrus candles to keep pests at bay.

Our team of pool builders at Mellco Landscaping wish you the best with your summer plans. If all this talk of pool parties has you considering getting your own pool, we are here to help! Visit our website to learn how you can get started on your own personal paradise.

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