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Winter Pool and Spa Maintenance Tips

During the winter months, the cold weather and busy holiday plans can be easy to forget about the backyard spa and pool. Unfortunately, cold weather is hard on these fun summer toys and any pool builders can attest that a little maintenance is required to keep them both in good shape for next summer. That might sound tedious, but a little time invested now can save a lot of money later. Here are some basic pool and spa maintenance tips:

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It’s beneficial to add chlorine to the water before you close the pool for the winter. It prevents bacteria from growing. However, pool builders will tell you that too much of it will bleach the liner of your pool. Once you open the pool again, add chlorine again and wait a few hours to a couple of days for it to clear up the water.

Winterizing chemicals

The colder weather does a good job at keeping most microorganisms out of your pool or hot tub. However, they don’t disappear entirely. Before closing or covering your pool, be sure to use winterizing chemicals with biocidal properties like algaecides. This helps to maintain pH levels. These chemicals will need to be added somewhere from 24 to 48 hours before the pool is closed. That way the pump has time to circulate them.


For spas and hot tubs, it’s important to have a quality cover. Not only does this help keep it clean, but it also helps to maintain water temperatures. Also be sure to keep snow at bay. If around six inches of snow piles onto your spa cover, use a broom to to clear it. Avoid shovels as they tend to clear your spa, cover and all.

Open Early

We naturally tend to wait for warmer weather before we open up the pool again, especially here in Utah. However, as expert pool builders we know that it is actually more healthy for the pool, and yourself, top open it earlier.  This means that bacteria and algae will have less time to grow.

Taking these simple steps now can make your summer more carefree. You won’t have to be calling pool builders for repairs or replacements and you can get on with enjoying the sunshine. If you are looking for more landscaping tips to prepare for winter, or even the coming spring, contact us at Odyssey Pools today. Until then, we wish you a cozy winter season.

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