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Pool Repair Service in Utah

Is your pool riddled with cracks or full of green, cloudy water? Most pool owners will encounter issues like these now and again. Age, exposure to the elements, and even improper installation can all cause your pool to wear down and stop functioning correctly.

The good news is that, with help from professionals, you can get your pool back in tip-top shape. Odyssey Pools offers our reliable pool repair services in Utah. Whether your pool is cracked, leaking, or covered in algae, our experienced team can fix it up.

Common Pool Issues

If you notice any of these issues, you may need swimming pool repair:


Pool leaks can happen for several reasons: a cracked pool shell, broken pipes, loose fittings

Another issue that can cause leaks is worn-down plaster. Plaster is what’s used to cover porous concrete and gunite pool shells. Without a plaster layer, water will seep out from the shell. If your pool’s plaster layer has deteriorated, you may need to invest in pool replastering.


If the calcium levels and pH of your pool are imbalanced, it can result in scale, a mineral deposit that stains pool walls. Hire a pool repair service to get these stains brushed off.

Green Water

If your pool is green, it means you have algae buildup. A professional can shock your pool to remove this unsightly and unsanitary organism.

Cloudy Water

Cloudy water typically means one of two things—either your filter is clogged or you added too many chemicals to the pool. With our swimming pool repair, we can diagnose the cause of unclear water and fix it, so you can have a crystal-clear pool once more.

If your pool needs TLC, call Odyssey Pools and ask about our pool repair service. We’ll come out as soon as we can to diagnose the issue and get your pool back to its sparkling self.

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