Why Private Pools are Safer Than Public Pools

By July 12, 2019pool builders, Utah

Owning a private swimming pool is something everyone imagines having in their dream home as they grow up, however, some people hesitate when they start thinking about their access to public pools. What is often forgotten is how much safer private pools are in comparison to public pools.

What makes a private pool safer than a public pool? Whether you are a professional pool builder or someone with little knowledge about pools, the answers will explain how private pools are much safer than public pools.

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Over-Crowded Pools

Crowded areas can be threatening to anyone’s well-being because you simply don’t know how every stranger in that area behaves. From roughhousing to careless adults, many injuries at public pools are sustained due to the negligent individuals looking to relax. Dangerous activities such as reckless play, unsafe diving techniques, and running around can lead to significant injuries.

Inexperienced Lifeguards

It’s a scary thought, but lifeguards aren’t always paying attention as they should be, especially not at places like recreation centers. Teenage lifeguards are often distracted while on duty, and while they do have proper training, they may not always react to dangerous situations properly. Not to mention, when it’s crowded, it’s hard for lifeguards to see everything going on. This is part of the reason as to why pool builders recommend you invest in a private pool where things will be less hectic. Although, pool builders will also stress the importance of having a responsible individual keeping watch as younger kids are playing in a private pool.

Public Pools Can Make You Sick

Perhaps one of the most overlooked reasons as to why public pools aren’t as safe as private pools is the number of germs and viral infections that can spread through them. One of the most common things to spread are colds, but athletes foot is another contagious condition that swimmers can contract while at a public pool.

Pool builders aren’t here to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do, but private pools reduce the risks mentioned above dramatically. In order to ensure you enjoy your swimming experience, consider building your own pool! To learn more about our private pools, check out the work of our pool builders at Odyssey Pools.

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