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The Stages of Pool Construction

Summer is a busy season for pool builders across the nation. This is a time when homeowners consider investing in a pool to put in their backyards. The benefits of doing so helps families cool off during the hot summer days and add value to their property. If you’re seriously considering building a pool, you need to know what steps go into building a pool. After you learn about what it takes to build a pool, you will be able to gauge how long it will take to complete the project and if it is something you want to do!

So, before you pick up the phone and give your local pool builders a call, here are the stages of pool construction and how each one is accomplished.

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Designing a Layout

The first step in the pool building process is designing the layout. You should meet with your local pool builders to come up with an idea of what you want your pool to look like and how you’re going to fit it into your backyard. Professional pool builders will make sure that everything that you want is in the layout design before the construction begins.

Prepping the Area

After you come up with a layout, the next step pool builders have to take is to get the area prepped for construction. Once the actual construction begins, the first thing pool builders do is excavate the site where your pool will be built. The builders will take their time crafting and sculpting the area to make sure that everything goes smoothly during the process.

Plumbing and Electrical Work

You can’t have a pool without plumbing and filtration. Plumbing lines need to be installed and pressure tested to make sure that water is being filtered properly, and lines leading to the electrical box need to be buried so that the system can be connected and tested prior to the next step.

Building the Structure and Hardscape

Reinforced steel rebar is used in the construction of your pool’s structure and spaces so that the integrity of your pool lasts you for years to come. After the structure is built, electrical components are wired and installed before shotcrete is installed into the space. Construction on hardscape features around the pool comes after city inspectors check the work to make sure it’s up-to-code.

The Final Stages

Once your pool begins to come together, all that’s left for the pool builders to do is finish the exterior and clean up any debris and equipment that they used during the process. In addition to the cleanup, finishing touches like plaster or stone are also applied to complete the pool.

These are the main steps that go into the construction of a pool, which you could expect to take several months. So, if you’re looking to get a pool built this summer, you’d better get started as soon as possible! Contact the pool builders at Odyssey Pool for more details about our pool building services.

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